TweetBits from STPCon – Day 2

The continuation of TweetBits for #STPCon – Day #2

As seen on Twitter, the list is coming in reverse order.

Carlene Wese ‏@cswesepieces  2h
Can’t wait to go back to my team and talk about biases and thinking fast & slow @justjoehere #STPCon will get ebook from library tonight!

Raj Subramanian ‏@epsilon11  2h
Just attended an awesome presentation on cognitive biases of testers by @justjoehere #STPCon @cswesepieces

Mark Tomlinson ‏@mtomlins  3h
@justjoehere observational biases affecting your testing -> and you might miss a $500 up-side #stpcon

Mark Tomlinson ‏@mtomlins  3h
@mtomlins: @justjoehere “System 1 thinking is intuitive & almost automatic. System 2 is more deliberate cognition.” #STPCon

Jay Philips ‏@jayphilips  3h
“I can’t do anything until I have everything … and I never have everything” ~ @mikelyles #STPCon

Jean Ann Harrison ‏@JA_Harrison  5h
#STPCon @philiplew  it’s not about meeting expectations not about meeting high quality. #mobileapps #usability @XBOSoft

Jean Ann Harrison ‏@JA_Harrison  5h
#STPCon @JohnLMontgomery “@utuse technology to collect data and stop relying on reviews” for improving #quality in #mobileapps @uTest

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  5h
#stpcon @JohnLMontgomery talking app review.  But even if not app, tester needs to use signal from user: cust support, social, forums, fdbk

XBOSoft ‏@XBOSoft  5h
@softwaretestpro #STPCon where to invest in quality? Listen to your users!

Jean Ann Harrison ‏@JA_Harrison  5h
#STPCon @JohnLMontgomery “It’s not just about #product quality, it’s also about#brand #quality”  @uTest  #software #mobile apps #testing

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  5h
#stpcon @JohnLMontgomery your users do not live in the test lab – test in the wild (test in production)

Jay Philips ‏@jayphilips  6h
“A strategy is not a plan, it is not a secret, it is not static” ~ @mtomlins #STPCon

Kendal Peiguss ‏@kendalpeiguss  6h
@sbarber I realized that @mtomlins was speaking at #stpcon at the same time as your webinar today. A performance testing Twitter mashup!

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  6h
#STPCon IMO best model is team values perf (across roles).  Embed perf eng.  Dev and Test use CI/CTest to continuously assure perf is good

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  6h
#stpcon @mtomlins “Performance Pairing” – now we’re talking.  Me: add dev to design for it, tester test for it, plus CI and CTest

Jean Ann Harrison ‏@JA_Harrison  7h
#STPCon @mtomlins “why don’t functional #automation # testers include #timing to their own tests? No one wanted the info” #noawarenessofperf

Jay Philips ‏@jayphilips  7h
“You can be an influencer across your organization” ~ @mtomlins #STPCon

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  7h
#STPCon SDET = Software Development Engineer in Test, an engineer that knows coding and testing

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  7h
#STPCon @mtomlins Scripting (coding) only 1 part of the job – analysis, remediation, etc are important – me:testers need data science

Paul Grizzaffi ‏@pgrizzaffi  7h
@mtomlins – “performance is everybody’s business” #STPCon

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  7h
#STPCon @mtomlins question from me: If a strategy is not a plan, and hope is not a strategy then it is possible that hope is a plan?

Jean Ann Harrison ‏@JA_Harrison  7h
#STPCon @mtomlins   #performance strategy. Seems simple yet companies still don’t consider #performance strategies

Mike Lyles ‏@mikelyles  7h
Perf Strategies with @mtomlins at #STPCon :1-A strategy is not a plan, 2-A strategy is not a secret, 3-A strategy is not static

Brad Johnson ‏@bradjohnsonsv  7h
@setheliot @lindybrandon @JA_Harrison whatever we call it, it starts w/ us injecting ourselves (with facts and value). #STPCon

Jean Ann Harrison ‏@JA_Harrison  7h
#STPCon @mtomlins  “if I don’t care about #performance then do I really care about my customer”  Negative impact on business

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  8h
#stpcon @bradjohnsonsv “Performance matters” – I agree, this was my slide on this!14282&authkey=!AAZnwhowNmpW7SI&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jpg …

Lorinda Brandon ‏@lindybrandon  8h
Real User Monitoring can help you figure out the tests you need and where/when your user traffic is #stpcon

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  8h
#STPCon @bradjohnsonsv   3 years ago no one was testing  in production — except Ops, they were doing YOUR job

Lorinda Brandon ‏@lindybrandon  8h
The new testing paradigm. It’s about functionality and PERFORMANCE #stpcon

Lorinda Brandon ‏@lindybrandon  8h
“Healthcare dot gov was the best thing to happen to any of us” – @bradjohnsonsv on how this is a great time to be a tester #stpcon

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  8h
#stpcon @bradjohnsonsv This is the best time to be a tester – performance matters –  “best thing to happen to us”

Brett Hinton ‏@hintbw  8h
#stpcon Identifying the what you want to know is important, but why do you want to know it is really just as important

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  9h
#STPCon @bradjohnsonsv  Talking what happens in actual use?  Unexpected usage. – He’s talking TiP!

Brett Hinton ‏@hintbw  9h
#stpcon Contextualizing metrics needs to happen to help ward off incorrect conclusions- metrics w/o context are like a compass without a map

Paul Grizzaffi ‏@pgrizzaffi  9h
@mike_trites: “Metrics Need Context” #STPCon

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  9h
#STPCon @bradjohnsonsv   In 2 years will be no delineation between web and mobile – traffic to web will be from mobile. Now 60-70% traffic

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  9h
#STPCon @bradjohnsonsv   Continuous Integration not just for developers – should be part of everyone’s test strategy

Brett Hinton ‏@hintbw  9h
#STPCon – Reaction to change is our decision. Are we giving up control of our reaction?

Philip Lew ‏@philiplew  9h
“Nothing that focused and paying attention makes you worse at”. @SoftwareTestPro #STPCon

Favorited by Keith Klain
Lorinda Brandon ‏@lindybrandon  9h
Wow, #STPCon attendees are coming from all over – china, pakistan, canada, uk, germany… Software testing is global

Philip Lew ‏@philiplew  9h
@SoftwareTestPro #STPCon No one builds a statue for a quitter.

Brett Hinton ‏@hintbw  9h
#STPCon Key message-stay in the game

Brett Hinton ‏@hintbw  10h
#STPCon how do I help the people around me be successful – key to helping our teams be successful

Lorinda Brandon ‏@lindybrandon  10h
Started today talking #APIs and @PerScholas with @Utest @HP and @SmartBear. Talk about power breakfast! Oh coffee and beignets too #STPCon

Sarah Chavez ‏@withitall1  10h
Attending Software Test Pro Day 2 Keynote ‘make the right choice: leading innovative teams during change with passion and success’ #STPCon

Mike Lyles ‏@mikelyles  10h
Wed morning starts at #stpcon with @RichHandWritten @SoftwareTestPro

Kelly Cuddihy ‏@cuddihykelly  11h
“@mike_trites: Well, today is the day! #STPCon” it’s going to be great!—

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