TweetBits from STPCon – Day 3

The continuation of TweetBits for #STPCon – Day #3 (The Final Day)

As seen on Twitter, the list is coming in reverse order.

RT @mtomlins: #STPCON Spring 2014 draws to a close, so submit a proposal to join us this Fall in Denver -> … …

Mark Tomlinson ‏@mtomlins  16h
And thanks to the @SoftwareTestPro staff and #STPCON support team at @SheratonNOLA for making everything work smoothly all week!

Jean Ann Harrison ‏@JA_Harrison  16h
And that concludes our #STPCon day.

Brett Hinton ‏@hintbw  17h
Thanks #STPCon for a great conference – enjoyed the presentations, people and the place

Jay Philips ‏@jayphilips  17h
“Always remember that your audience matters” ~ @loadrunnerbth #STPCon

Jean Ann Harrison ‏@JA_Harrison  17h
#STPCon @mtomlins @mikelyles change momentum of a presentation,  use off button for screen, move away, Ask a question, turn button on screen

Jean Ann Harrison ‏@JA_Harrison  17h
#STPCon @ @mikelyles use the figure 8 room the W method when looking at the audience when presenting – good advice to keep attention

Jay Philips ‏@jayphilips  18h
“Be yourself & you’ll be more comfortable presenting” ~ @mtomlins #STPCon

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  18h
#stpcon I say minimize use of animation in decks – I know, looking at my deck that’s hard to believe, but its much less than it used to be

Jean Ann Harrison ‏@JA_Harrison  18h
#STPCon @mikelyles @mtomlins submitting a winning proposal #presentation

Jean Ann Harrison ‏@JA_Harrison  18h
Last session of #STPCon. New Orleans “Mentoring speakers & how to give presentations & how to get selected to present @mtomlins @mikelyles

Philip Lew ‏@philiplew  19h
Fiddler great for monitoring http transactions @rajsub @SoftwareTestPro #stpcon

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  19h
#STPCon U may b interested in this companion article 4 my talk … Mashing up Data-Driven Quality and Exploratory Testing

XBOSoft ‏@XBOSoft  19h
Nothing can replace testing on real devices @rajsub @SoftwareTestPro #STPCon

XBOSoft ‏@XBOSoft  19h
@softwaretestpro #STPCon prioritizing story cards using 3 key criteria

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  19h
#STPCon @wilsonmar I think this might sum up this talk in one slide 🙂!14304&authkey=!AC8Y4uodlwFLAy0&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.JPG …
Mike Lyles ‏@mikelyles  20h
RT “@scott_caruso: “Forever is a long time, and time has a way of changing things.”” One of my favorites from #stpconkeynote #STPCon

Craig Gadke ‏@CraigGadke  20h
@mikelyles – as always “totally awesome dude” … righteous #STPCon #STPConKeynote

Brett Hinton ‏@hintbw  20h
#STPCon @mikelyles rocking the 80s culture to draw out some testing lessons for all of us

Jay Philips ‏@jayphilips  20h
“Testing, like music, is device agnostic. Better tools can help – but critical thinking & testing is the core” ~ @mikelyles #STPCon

Seth Eliot ‏@setheliot  20h
#STPCon @mikelyles     Ronald Reagan: Trust… but      verify – your gut feel about that bug is probably right, check it out  #stpconkeynote

Mark Tomlinson ‏@mtomlins  20h
@mikelyles “If you can find a way to harmonize [your testing] with others…you can change the world” <- @RevRunWisdom @Aerosmith #stpcon

Mark Tomlinson ‏@mtomlins  20h
@MikeLyles “Don’t wait for management to take the walls down across your organization” <- take the initiative to collaborate #stpcon

Paul Grizzaffi ‏@pgrizzaffi  20h
@mikelyles says #Macgyver was an exploratory #tester – I always considered him the ultimate #software #tools guy. #STPCon

Jay Philips ‏@jayphilips  21h
“Just say know ~ I need you to know why I’m saying no” ~ @mikelyles #STPCon

Mark Tomlinson ‏@mtomlins  21h
@mikelyles “Everybody needs a crazy [tester] on their team” #STPConKeynote #STPCon

Carlene Wese ‏@cswesepieces  21h
“Pac-man’s the first video game to teach me regression [testing]” #80s #STPCon @mikelyles

Sarah Chavez ‏@withitall1  21h
Attending Software Test Pro day 3 keynote ‘what the 80’s taught me about testing’ #STPCon

Mark Tomlinson ‏@mtomlins  21h
“@mikelyles: This is a LIVE on stage #selfie from #STPCon #STPConKeynote” @KevinBacon

Paul Grizzaffi ‏@pgrizzaffi  21h
#ThingsYouCantDoInThe80s RT: @mikelyles This is a LIVE on stage #selfie from #STPCon #STPConKeynote

Mike Lyles ‏@mikelyles  21h
This is a LIVE on stage #selfie from #STPCon #STPConKeynote

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