QA or the Highway 2015 – Speaker Series – Featuring Joseph Beale

QA or the Highway

Our third featured speaker who will be at QA or the Highway is Joseph Beale.

Joseph Beale

1. What attracted you to speaking at QA or the Highway?

I’m one of the conference organizers and I like to promote the idea of Software QA professionals sharing their experiences and wisdom with the rest of the community. Up until last year I had never given a presentation at a professional conference but my talk was really well received and so I prepared a sequel of sorts for this year.

2. What are you most looking forward to at this year’s conference?

I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s keynotes because I think they bring some great experience to the table. We also have a lot of new presenters and there are some fascinating topics on the agenda.

3. What piece of advice would you give conference attendees to maximize their experience at QA or the Highway?

Get there early so you can get some breakfast and network a bit before the first keynote. Make sure you talk to as many people as you can and try to make a few new friendships. Getting people from our profession together is what this conference is all about.

4. How did you become involved in testing?

It was after what I call “the great IT meltdown of 2001” when I had trouble finding a development or project management gig. Someone contacted me about a testing position and I worked a contract that was initially only six weeks. After that, another one followed, then another. Pretty soon I came to see that testing was a good fit for my skills and my temperament and so I stayed with it.

5. What are some of you favorite tools in your “testing toolbox”?

These days I specialize in test automation and the tools I use are Ruby/Cucumber for web and database testing, SoapUI and UFT for services testing, and good old Quality Center for test management. Regarding the use of Ruby, I’m thankful for the many gems that I use on a regular basis, including Cucumber, Watir Webdriver, Active Record, Page Object, RSpec, etc. I also love the RubyMine IDE.

6. What are your favorite reading references (books/blogs/etc) that have helped your testing efforts?

Books: Programming Ruby (a.k.a. “the pickaxe book”), Cucumber and Cheese, Continuous Delivery, SQL Cookbook.

Blogs: CheezyWorld, Stack Overflow, Functional Testing, Frazzled Dad, Joe Colantonio, API Dock, Continuous Delivery, SQA Forums.

In general: I find that nothing beats old reliable Google for getting the answers you need.

Joseph will be speaking on “Cucumber From the Ground Up”.

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