QA or the Highway 2015 – Speaker Series – Featuring Justin Rohrman

QA or the Highway

Our sixth featured speaker who will be at QA or the Highway is Justin Rohrman.
1. What attracted you to speaking at QA or the Highway?

I went to the conference last year as an attendee and saw what a great program had been put together. I wanted in on that.

2. What are you most looking forward to at this year’s conference?

Learning some new lessons, talking about testing for 24 hours straight, and seeing my friends

3. What piece of advice would you give conference attendees to maximize their experience at QA or the Highway?

Talk to people, ask questions, and interact. You can learn from the sessions, of course. But interacting with the speakers and the other folks at the conference will help create lessons that are meaningful in your context.

4. How did you become involved in testing?

Unlike most people, I actually got into software testing on purpose. I had a friend when I was early in college that was a tester and he would tell me stories of the projects he was working on. I was hooked from the beginning.

5. What are some of you favorite tools in your “testing toolbox”?

My favorite tool is my peer group. I’ve had chances to meet and get to know a lot more people over the past few years. Aside from being friends, they are fantastic references for real testing problems I have at my day job. When I hit a problem outside of my expertise, chances are someone will know the answer or ask the questions that will help me answer it on my own.

If we’re talking about tools in the traditional sense, my favorites are whatever helps get the job done. I tend to use index cards and XMind for taking notes, HTTPie and Frisbyjs for APIs, and a variety of others when I need them.

6. What are your favorite reading references (books/blogs/etc) that have helped your testing efforts?

In the past few years, the books that have changed my understanding of how testing work happens are by Taleb (The Black Swan), Kahneman (Thinking Fast and Slow), and Collins (The Shape of Actions, Tacit and Explicit Knowledge).

Justin will be speaking on “API checks for fun and profit.”

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Twitter: @JustinRohrman

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