Software QA & Testing Meetup – July 2015 Meetup Scheduled

Software QA & Testing Meetup

Attention Ohio Testers:

Last month’s meeting was full of great discussion as we discussed a wide range of topic during our “open discussion” night.

We covered topics such as:

  • Working for startups
  • Developer/Tester relationships
  • Will “manual” testing stay relevant?
  • Automation ROI
  • Algorithms vs. Heuristics
  • QA vs. QC

Do you know the difference between “testing vs. checking?”  July 28th’s meetup will focus on these key concepts and approaches.

Bring your research, experiences, stories, tips, questions, advice, and resources regarding this topic.  This evening will be entirely a discussion based format.

For all of the details for this meetup and to RSVP, be sure to visit the Software QA & Testing Meetup on  If you are going to be in the Columbus area, we would love to see you there!