Software QA & Testing Meetup – August 2015 Meetup Scheduled

Software QA & Testing Meetup

Attention Ohio Testers:

Last month’s meeting was full of great discussion as we discussed “testing vs. checking”.

August 25th’s meeting will have two focuses for the evening and promises to be quite informative.  Here is the planned agenda:

1) CAST 2015 – A look back

  • For those that were able to attend CAST 2015, we will discuss your personal Experience report(s).
  • For those able to watch any part of webCast 2015, we would like your view about the event as well.
  • Open Discussion on Lessons Learned from the conference.  Action items that you might have gotten from the event?

2) Testing Language

Inspired by the recent blog series by Jean–Paul Varwijk on Testing Definitions ( and after July’s meetup, our group thought it would be a good idea to get to a common vocabulary or “testing language”.  We will begin that journey in part two of the evening.

Concepts to look into include:

  • Definition of definition
  • Some linguistics concepts
  • Approaches & techniques
  • Common Testing Terms, Definitions, and Meanings
    • Leave your baggage at home, and bring an open mind!
    • “Unit Testing”, “System Testing”, “User Acceptance Testing”, “Regression Testing”, “Functional Testing”, “Non-functional Testing”, “Performance Testing”, “Exploratory Testing”, “Ad Hoc Testing”
    • Test Plan”, “Test Strategy”, “Test Case”, “Test Scenario”, “Test Script”
    • “Defect”, “Bug”, “Issue”, “Ticket”, “Record”
    • “Quality Assurance”, “Quality Control”
    • “Production”, “Staging”, “Sandbox”
    • “User”, “Customer”, “Proxy”
    •  …and more!

I have a high confidence that we won’t be able to hit all the concepts in half of a meeting, but let’s see where we can take it.

This evening will be entirely a discussion based format.

For all of the details for this meetup and to RSVP, be sure to visit the Software QA & Testing Meetup on

If you are going to be in the Columbus area, we would love to see you there!