Software QA & Testing Meetup – September 2015 Meetup Scheduled

Software QA & Testing Meetup

Attention Ohio Testers:

Last month’s meeting was a great two part discussion as we discussed CAST 2015 and the importance of a common Testing Language.

Our meeting on September 29th will have the following topic:

Testing in Agile: Challenges, Problems & Coping With Them

I found this topic from the Grand Rapid Testers meetup and thought it might be a good idea to discuss at our Columbus meetup as well.

Testing is seen as either a bottleneck because we take “too long” to test or inefficient because we don’t find bugs that are uncovered in later sprints or in regression testing.

  • What can we do to deal with some of the common, and not-so-common, problems around testing in Agile environments (perhaps Scrum in particular?)
  • What are the problems that you have faced in an Agile testing environment?

This discussion will help people share what they have tried, done and read about.  We will look for sharing and helping each other with new ideas.

Like our typical meetings, this evening will be entirely a discussion based format.

For all of the details for this meetup and to RSVP, be sure to visit the Software QA & Testing Meetup on

If you are going to be in the Columbus area, we would love to see you there!

Is there a topic that you would like to discuss at a future meetup?  If so, send a message to @testingcurator or thecurator -at-