Testing Bits – 11/13/16 – 11/26/16

Testing Bits

This week, I am bringing a “double edition” of Testing Bits for your reading pleasure.  Due to a recent surgery, Testing Bits for 11/13/16-11/19/16 has been combined with the list for this week.  If you want to know more about my absence, I have included a few more details at the end of this long post.  There were a lot of great posts to catch-up on while I was out over the last two weeks!

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Some of you have asked, “What happened to the Testing Curator?”

Over the past year, I have been having issues with my Achilles tendon of my right ankle/heel area.  From October 2015 through March 2016, I had tried everything possible to relieve the pain with an orthopedic surgeon…rest, walking boots, physical therapy, and shoe inserts.  Unfortunately none of those solutions worked for my Achilles pain.  I was then sidelined with a torn perennial brevis tendon in my right ankle and had to have surgery for it in April 2016 (surgery #1). After spending 7 weeks non weight-bearing in post op splints or walking boots, 3 more weeks in a boot, and 6 weeks of physical therapy I was finally finished (April-late July).  Unfortunately, after physical therapy was completed for the torn tendon, the pain returned in my right Achilles in August.  I sought out a new orthopedic surgeon and after some more physical therapy and more walking boot time, it was discovered through an MRI that I had a bone spur impacting my Achilles tendon.  It was missed from my first surgery MRI or not deemed important.  On November 15, I went under the knife (surgery #2) to have the bone spur removed and the Achilles tendon repaired.  I am happy to report that the surgery went well and am now into the recovery process of splints, casts, walking boots, and physical therapy over the next couple of months with full recovery in 6-12 months.  A special thanks goes out to my wife, family, and friends for their thoughts, prayers, and help while I get better.  This last year has been challenging and there is more work ahead for me, but I have been able to gain a greater appreciation for the area of Accessibility and have enjoyed the extra time reading over testing blogs and reading over Twitter from my favorite testers.


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Post Opt Splint – “Big Foot”


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