Announcement: Super Reads 12.12 is just around the corner!!!


For many years, Testing Curator has promoted and shared great content from the testing community.
However, from time to time, there are testing events that come up that Testing Curator just has to share.

One such event is Super Reads @ 12.12.  When @Nithin_Synapse of Synapse QA contacted us about the event, we knew that we had to help bring awareness of this event and become a Community Partner.

Have you heard of this event?  If not, here are some details from their website:

What is SUPER READS @ 12.12 ?
According to Angel Numbers, 12:12 means stepping out of your comfort zone and starting something new & at that time it activates new energy frequencies to help you evolve.

With SUPER READS @ 12.12 we are aiming to create a unique reading experience for our readers. It is a truly global event open for anyone from tech industry.

If you have a thought, short idea, experience to share with the community then it is TIME. We are opening the world of writing for newbies to pros by celebrating the 12.12 moment. We aim to provide an amazing learning experience by making sure that 12.12 Super Reads are worth spending your time.

What you can expect?
– 12 Authors sharing their experiences & thoughts as articles
– 12 Different Topics
– Publishing Date : 12.12.2020 @ 12.12 AM
– Guiding newbie writers to improve their writing skills
– Expert Review Panel to ensure unique reading experience and handpick 12 articles
– Opportunity to be part of SYNAPSE QA Family

12th December 2020 @ 12.12 AM

Submission Date
On or before 5th December 2020. Any submissions after this date will not be considered to be part of the event.”

And by the way, there will be cash prizes to go along with bragging rights of those selected.

To find out more information about this event, be sure to go to

And follow #SUPERREADS on Twitter.

Testing Curator can’t wait to see who gets selected and what amazing content will be shared.