Testing Bits: 402 – July 18th – July 24th, 2021

Testing Bits

Sorry about the delay in this week’s edition. I was overly optimistic that I could keep to my schedule after elbow surgery, but discovered it wasn’t going to happen. Better late than never.

Here is this week’s edition of curated collection of announcements, articles, blog posts, and news from the software testing community covering the days of July 18th – July 24th, 2021.


Are you familiar with the platform Racket? From our perspective it’s Twitter meets podcasting capturing what you want to say for a maximum of 9 minutes.

Chris Kenst and Neil Studd are already using this platform. Not surprisingly, many testers are also trying it out.

Last week on LinkedIn, we made a request that if you have a Racket account and are involved in testing or quality in any way to please list your link to your Racket content. It would be awesome if we can discover other voices in the testing community via this platform.

If you want me promote you account, please go to the following URL on LinkedIn and list your link. Or you can send an email or direct message to us at Testing Curator


Testing Curator will continue to compile these links and will send out a list in the near future.

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