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Matt Hutchison – Testing Curator

Like many testers, I “fell” into the software quality assurance and testing industry.  Originally, I started my career pursuing a degree in journalism at The Ohio State University.  To put myself through school, I landed a gig at CompuServe as a technical support representative.  Little did I know that  I would be presented with an opportunity in 1996 to move into a testing role for the ISP that would change my career path in ways that I would never have imagined.

Over the last eighteen years in testing, I have had the pleasure of working on some great products from companies such as CompuServe, America Online, Netscape, and Pathlore Software.  During that time I worked with a number of excellent testers improving my skills at each stop. And hopefully, helping others along the way too.

In 2006, feeling the entrepreneurial bug, I left AOL and made the jump to full time consulting with my company, SQA Zone.  I assisted my clients in a number of different capacities from test execution to process improvement.  In 2012, I returned to full time employment with OCLC.  I still continue to take side contracts through SQA Zone and am working with my wife, Mindy, to launch a new product to soon be found at www.testingcurator.com.

I have a passion for learning and improving my craft, as well as sharing what I know with others.  I founded the Software QA & Testing meetup in Columbus, Ohio, and act as a facilitator leading group discussions on a variety of testing topics.

To give a little something back to the testing community that I have been so heavily influenced by, we put together Testing Bits on a weekly basis sharing news, articles, and blog postings that testers may find of value.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk testing or if you would like to let me know about your blog (if you haven’t seen me post your blog or articles).  I am also always on the watch to find new sources of information.

Mindy Hutchison

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