Tweet Bits from TestBash3

It has been quite some time since I have compiled Tweet Bits, but I found a worthy reason to start back up.  That reason…TestBash 3.

While I was unable to attend, I knew that I could gain nuggets of information from those who were able to attend #TestBash via the awesomeness of Twitter (one of my favorite #testing resources).

I thought I would save some of you time and list out some of my favorite Tweets that I read from the conference.  In true Twitter fashion, posts below are from latest to earliest.  Due to the length of this post, I did not include active hyperlinks, you will have to copy and paste them yourself.

I hope you enjoy reading the list as much as I did!  I am curious to know what some of your favorite posts might be!

Many Thanks and Kudos for the Conference!!!

Steven Knopf ‏@FponkNevets
@rosiesherry #testbash last year was great but this year it was brought to us by the word “awesome” & the number “3”. Still got Monday too.