State of Testing Survey 2013

As you know, I like to keep up with blogs and news in the Testing Community.

On Monday, I came across Michael Larsen’s blog post about a new testing survey coming out very soon that will be taking the pulse of the testing community. Since his posting, I have seen several others promoting it too.

So….I am jumping on the bandwagon to help promote this survey.

For all the details on this survey, you can visit:

Here are some details gathered from the site:

What is the goal of the survey?

To find answers to many interesting questions, such as:
– What are the main challenges faced by testers around the world?
– What does our professional environment look like?
– Where is the testing profession heading?
and even things like
– How tester’s salaries vary across different locations worldwide?

Who is conducting the survey?

Joel Montvelisky (
Lalit Bhamare (who edits Tea Time with Testers)

When is the survey?

Coming Soon – Projected as early as December 5. It will only run for about 10 days.

How can I help promote this survey?

Simply read and follow these directions:

I am looking forward to participating in the survey and seeing the results. I hope you will too!
Be sure to share the news with other testers that you know!